Custom Fitting

The RedTail Custom Fitting Professionals

Our staff of RYG™ Certified Fitting Professionals are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. All of our team members are career golf professionals, and they receive in-depth training and education on all aspects of our operation. They must be certified prior to performing a single clubfitting, and they must fulfill mandatory continuing education requirements to maintain their certified status. It is worth mentioning that none of our staff work on commission. We purposely do not work on any kind of commission because we want our staff to be motivated solely by the customer's best interest. Our Professionals are charged with only one objective - creating a friendly, welcoming, and low pressure environment in which you can experience our unmatched service and amenities. We hope you will visit us soon so we can show you, firsthand, the quality of our Certified Professionals as well as our unique clubfitting experience.

Select any image below to learn more about our RYG™ Certified Fitting Professionals:

  • Craig Zimmerman
    Craig Zimmerman
    General Manager
    Certified Master Fitting Pro
  • Wes Gribas
    Wes Gribas
    Asst. General Manager
    Certified Master Fitting Pro
  • Rick Westbrook
    Rick Westbrook
    Asst. General Manager
    Certified Master Fitting Pro
  • Jason Burnett
    Jason Burnett
    Certified Master Fitting Pro
  • Cole Lafferty
    Cole Lafferty
    Certified Master Fitting Pro
  • Steve Stombaugh
    Steve Stombaugh
    Certified Fitting Professional
  • Rob Johnson
    Rob Johnson
    Certified Fitting Professional
  • Chris Philichi
    Chris Philichi
    Certified Fitting Professional
  • Peter Vognild
    Peter Vognild
    Certified Fitting Professional
  • Tony Mettetal
    Tony Mettetal
    Certified Fitting Professional
    Trackman™ Master
  • Gareth Simpson
    Gareth Simpson
    Director of Retail
    Certified Fitting Professional

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