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Private Lesson Schedules remain the same for each week of the month.
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Brent Aga10-7pm11-9pm11-9pm11-9pm9-7pm
Jeff Battin12-10pm11-9pm9-5pm10-9pm9-5pm
Jim Bjork
Adam Bouchard11-9pm10-8pm9-6pm9-6pm8-1pm
Matt Bryda8-8pm11-9pm11-9pm11-7pm8-7pm
John Jordan11-7pm11-8pm11-7pm11-7pm8-6pm
Rebecca Kerry9-8pm3-8pm5-8pm11:30-7:30pm2-5pm
Paula Ketchum11-9pm11-9pm11-10pm11-8pm11-8pm
Richard Legogar9-7pm11-8pm11-9pm9-8pm9-8pm
Cincy Lincoln12-7pm12-7pm12-7pm9-3:30pm9-3:30pm
Eric Loechle11-7pm11-8pm9-7pm9-6pm
Tony Mettetal4-8pm4-8pm4-8pm4-8pm4-8pm10-7pm
Greg Schmid10-8pm11-9pm2-8pm10-1pm
Blaine Seitz
Steve Sombaugh
Kris Turner9-8pm3-8pm10-8pm10-8pm9-8pm
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