Peter Vognild

RYG™ Certified Fitting Professional

I have lived in the Portland Area my entire life. I joined the RedTail team in 2003 just after the grand opening of the brand new facility. Prior to working at RedTail, however, I had not worked in the golf Industry. What a great job! I work with a wonderful group of people and I have the good fortune of servicing customers who are coming for entertainment and to have fun! I think RedTail Golf Center is an incredible golf facility and I truly enjoy working here everyday! (Well almost everyday.)

I am most enthusiastic, however, when I have the opportunity to help other golfers maximize their enjoyment of the game. As someone who was not in the golf industry just a few short years ago, I feel a special ability to empathize with my clients. I can easily relate to their needs and I utilize this unique perspective to help my custom fitting clients find the equipment that will best fit their game. Properly fit golf equipment will benefit golfers of all ability levels. I am exposed to players everyday who have the wrong or improperly fit golf equipment and it places them at an extreme disadvantage. Significant swing flaws are developed from golfers who are forced to compensate for equipment that is not right for them. Custom fitting of golf equipment can mirror life in that you need to identify where you are now relative to your golf game, where you have been and ultimately where you want to go in order to determine the golf equipment that will be best for your game.

Allow me or any one of our fitting professionals the opportunity to show you the benefits of truly custom fit golf equipment at RedTail, and I guarantee you will be amazed at the difference properly fit golf equipment can have on your game.

Outside of work at RedTail, I love to go to the movies. There are so many genres of filmmaking; but my favorite feature film of all time is "The Godfather Part II." (Now that is a classic!) I also love to play my guitar and spend time with my friends.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and I hope to see you soon!